Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Understading some of Roo's magic

  I must admit that I was among the many developers I know who are very skeptical about Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP).  I've written many aspects myself, some which I now define as "entry-level".  I had not seen a clear use-case for aspects other than the basic "auditing", "logging" or "security" use cases.  So, a few months ago I started to play with one of the latest tools from SpringSource, namely Spring-Roo. To my surprise, Roo was not only meeting my expectations, but also made me a believer on yet another good use case for AOP.  The use case of tooling support.  I'll try to explain some of the magic which Roo brings to software development using AspectJ.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Removing Unused Workspaces from Eclipse

Workspaces in Eclipse is one of those features that are often unused or not used enough.  Personally, I find it extremely helpful to use them, particularly when working on different branches. There are times when you need/want to delete some of these workspaces from your workspace list. Here is how you can do this: