Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Git Configuration

I have configured Git locally in many places now and I thought of placing a copy of my personal choice (my .gitconfig file).  Perhaps this will help me setup my personal environment everywhere I'm using it. I should put this on github at some point. A few things to notice:
  1. I prefer p4merge for merge tool. It's simply awesome, worth to try if you haven't yet.
  2. Vim as my editor. Yes, I don't use emacs.
  3. Yes, I code on a Mac!
My .gitconfig as follows:

Spring Roo: Persistence Setup

I've found Spring Roo to be a great way to learn how to setup configuration properly.  As I continue to spend time in configuring my home project, I continue to be amazed at the powerful features that Roo brings to the table. I had written a small application for tracking family chores. I spent about 25 minutes drawing the entities in a napkin, then spent 10 minutes writing a Roo script (file with extension "roo"). Then, I opened a Roo shell and run "script myscript.roo". This created my project, including all the scaffolding for my entities.  I had my project running in minutes. After a while, I detected a problem with my entities relationship and wanted to see the persisted data. Of course, I had the the "IN MEMORY" choice, which brought all sort of problems when trying to see the data within.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mavenizing a Flex Project with multiple artifacts

  I was asked to include a Flex project within the current build process in place (maven2 based). Now, I like maven for many reasons which I'm not going to explain in this entry, however I would like to say a bit about my experience with such a "mavenization" if you will. Most Flex projects I've been involved are developed either directly in Flex Builder (Fb3) and/or compile using an Ant task. Nothing wrong with this approach, however Maven encourages a convention that may not necessarily be embraced in a traditional Flex Application. I hope to explain what I mean by this in the next paragraphs.